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Harvest Moon

I was walking down the street
Lost among Rock’s gray voices
Scratching around for ideas
Just looking for a way to say
What I’m feeling inside

If I were a wealthy man
I could buy a mansion
where you'd love to live
But I see that even so
Our tears might stain its walls

Maybe if I were a designer
I could build a whole world
Which turned all the blue Into any color of your desire

But then again I’m not

So, I keep on moving
Jotting my thoughts down
Perhaps I’ll never be able
To find the words
That will settle my heart down

From out of the blue
I saw someone standing at the corner
It whistled an old song
It came up to me and said:
Hey gypsy, it’s so simple
Just look at the sky
What do you feel?

The harvest moon
From that moment on
It was that clear in my mind
And I saw all the times
We made love
Lying down on a boat
Sailing on the tide of your hair

Now our seeds are growing up
And we’ve got each other
There’s no other way
Like Young said:
“Because I’m still in love with you”
The moon will never lose its brightness and
Neither will you.


Carlos Correa

carlos correa
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